Thursday, January 15, 2009

Learning Experience Indonesia 2 - 2

17 September 2008

Had a long chat with my Indonesian First Born today.......

From a young age these First Born are expected to succeed their family business. The expectation will depend the nature of the business like a product based business vs. a service oriented business. The state of the business whether it is in a growing or declining industry, whether the business is making money or losing money. Finally the people that currently manage the business, did they do the startup or they inherited the business and succeed the business in due course.

As the baby goes through the childhood stage, the entire life revolves around the business. The business will creep into the childhood lifestyle like during mealtime the topic is about the business, going away on family holiday sometimes centers around a business trips. During school vacation, some First Born has to help out in the factory or the office. It's about the business, business and business.

About these First Born, some lived a privileged lifestyle. Some of them have handphones, driving around in a nice car, oversea education etc as they grow up. Yes. before you start replying to this email... :) Not all are that privileged. Some have to help out in the family business in between all the school homework and housework. A girl First born and a boy First Born also have different connotation and implication. In some more traditionally minded business ...... the business is better left to a boy First Born then a girl First Born.... afterall the girl is going to be married out and do not hold on to the family surname :(

Coming back to our Indonesian First Born... He cannot resign. The question is when do he succeed the family business.......or when does a First Born succeed the family business

For those who are reading this learning experience.... and consider yourself a First Born..... this is a critical questions. When do they succeed the business and call the shot.... make the decision.... manage or spent the the BOSS.

To be continued....

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