Thursday, January 15, 2009

Learning Experience Indonesia 2 - 1

16 September 2008

I want to share with you a special group of babies. I called them the FIRST BORN. The babies can be boys or girls. From the day they were born there is already certain expectations. Specific expectation. Not family expectation but business expectation, you see these children are born to a business. Whether they like it or not, it is a birth right and they do not have a choice.

I just arrived in Jakarta again and will be here for a few days.

I am here to meet with a young man who is an Indonesian First Born which I befriend and also a client for many years. The First Born can be Indian, Chinese , Singaporean First Born for that matter. I have come to understand that for what the First Born faces in their growing up, are the same and are regardless of race, sex and nationality. The Indian First Born will faces the same Issues as the Indonesian First Born - only the context and environment is different.

He has a problem - a problem of confidence.

Some background on this First Born. He came into the business after graduating from aboard. His Dad felt that he needs to get a few years of hands on experience outside before joining the firm. The company went through a crisis during financial crisis in the late 1990's and he was asked (sorry not asked but told) to come into the family business. He is a first boy child of the family and he was expected to take over the business. After ten years of working in the family business. He has done a lot for the company - sorting out incompetent "family bums" in the family business, convincing the Dad the need for proper accounting to improving the general welfare of his low level staff.

With all that he is always told that "he has no experience". After hearing this remark for the passed ten years, he had enough and tendered his resignation. "When will I be experienced?" He said.

Unfortunately resignation is not an option for the First Born.......

Hence I am in Jakarta on request of the Dad.

to be continued........

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