Thursday, January 15, 2009

Learning Exp[erience Indonesia 1 - 3

15 August 2008

Indonesia has a population of 230m people, It is rich in resources and large pool of young people to help the country to grow. There are many plus points for you to develop business in this country..

For you to go there you will have to appreciate some of the issues

1. Issue of Corruption
I have explain this to you earlier. This is a common practice and you have to play the game.

2. Issue of language
Majority of the business people speaks English but if you were to go down to operation level, you will find that Bahasa Indonesia is the norm. You will have to overcome this. Learning Bahasa is not difficult and I have several Indian bankers who have pick up the language fairly quickly.

3. Issue of work environment
In Indonesia, you feel a sense of insecurity. There are many riots over the years and some of them are racially motivated. Though Indonesian of Chinese descent is a small portion of the population, these Chinese entrepreneurs dominates a substanial portion of the GDP of Indonesia. Many a time these Chinese are the target of the riot. For Indian this is not an issue :)

I hope the brief overview of Indonesia will interest you to find out more about Indonesia.

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