Monday, June 29, 2009

Learning Experience 3 - 4

Day 4

Waiting at the airport for my flight back to Singapore. Our day tr

The lawyer is selected, the audit team selected and the due diligence is set in motion.

Success of a trip is when the client who is paying you is happy with your work.

Now the next thing to happen of the due diligence process are the queries that will be raised, the answer that is needed and finally the price or valuation. That is when the fun begins. For this project I am glad to say that we have an agreed price, now is whether it is justified in the eye of the buyer.

For every six or seven deals that I follow through, one will come to fruition. Hopefully this is the one…..

The End

PS Flight delayed because one passenger on incoming flight has high temperature and suspected of H1N1 flu…… how one flu can crippled the airline business worldwide.