Sunday, October 10, 2010

Project Dignity

1 Oct 10 am
Sitting at the food court and looking at the four stalls. A dream that ihas finally come to fruitation. The equipment is finally in place. The electrical work is in progress and the fridge just arrived . Need to get the fridge cleaned. All the equipment are second hand equipment. The decorators are painting the class room and sorting out the electrical lightings.

Monday will have to start work on the food. Nasi Lemak will be by Molly's staff. They will get the fryer, rice cooker etc working for the students to come in for training on Tuesday. I want to start with stall one first before starting the food for stall 2.

Finalising the curriculum with the students from the Polytechnic working with an experience trainer. Educating the hawker is an important part of the success of PD. The curriculum is the intellectual property of PD and secondly there was never a formal education structured for this trade and this hawker trade has a workforce of thousands. The idea is to take MBA standard and structured to the hawker level. This is not an easy task and hence will require a lot of creative input on the pedagogy. The idea is to spent an hour or two a day to educate on theoretical details of hawkers.

Will leave Saturday and Sunday to do the finishing touch to the stalls and the kitchen. I believe as we are dealing with food the environment has to be perfect.

Monday is the food tasting.


chetan goenka said...

All the Best Sir, for your beautiful endeavor.

Anonymous said...

"The ones who changed the world, are the ones who dared to dream differently"..guess steve jobs said that, but definitely applies to you sir, your dream has a noble cause too..God bless your cause.

Anonymous said...

Hey, well done !!! and congrats on achieving yet another dream.

Anonymous said...

HOw is things with project dignity sir?? please update because i think many people will be waiting to see your achievements.. god bless you sir

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr KSC, it's me V. R and I learned a lot from the course we had on Sunday. Thank you for signing us up for PD and keeping us in mind this long. Blessed to have known a friend like you and we are giving our 101 percent in this training. Despite of our situation, we are still very optimistic to move forward in life. With kind souls like you, we are able to acheive our dreams - Viknes & Revathi, (Vik & Rev)