Monday, September 27, 2010

Project Dignity

18 Sep

This week many things happen

Different newspapers field different response. In the Chinese paper, I got over 300 calls mainly from people lookng for work & wanting to be trained. On the English version I get over 100 calls & in this case mainly volunteers and even some wanting to donate money. It was funny. I come to conclude that there are really good people out there. I noted all incoming calls and will call back when the school is up and running.

I also come to believe things happen for a purpose. I was struggling with finding the food for stall number two when a call from a company wanting to find a consultant who can take their food product overseas. The food product is Ngoh Hiong - a local delicacy. Meeting with the company (started in 1928) it dawn on me the potential of the product for stall no 2. After some convincing they agree to help me set up stall no. 2. Their food is good & very traditional, my school & students will preserve the heritage

Finding trainee is not difficult, finding the trainee who is willing to be trained and thereafter to restart their life is the difficult. So far I have 4 trainee will need 4 more by end Oct.

Arrange a meeting for the trainees of the blind boy & the mother to meet with their trainers. The ldea is for the trainer to assess the trainee. Feedback is that it is not going to be easy. Attitude & the keeness to learn is very important. The trainee tried the product,tasted the food & even take away. I believe both the mother and his son is ready for the class.

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