Sunday, August 1, 2010

Learning Experience India July 2010 No 1

India 12 July 2010

Just landed in New Delhi. Not bad. Things are changing. A new airport, especially so in the car park where the taxi is better organised. All these for the coming Commonwealth Game.

I was last here in 2008. Many things have changed. First is arriving in the new airport. Look nice on the outside, look nice on the inside but still long long queue. Hardware there software not there. At least the officers are friendlier.

Delhi is a city in the midst of change. Every time I landed we will go passed the highway and finally NH8 is completed. Many of the marg cleaned & greened. As for poverty not quite eradicated. You still get beggars - young ones with babies stopping at traffic light junction begging & pleading. Always a disturbing sight for a foreigner.

Indian are people that live & accept imperfection. Road incomplete,house in derelict state, sand dune everywhere,pot holes on highway & many more. Imperfection I believe create resilience. This resilience allow the Indian to take on anything in their stride.

In CP one part is clean and orderly and the other half is like a big construction site. This is July and the Commonwealth Game is just around the corner. Don't thing that it can get ready for the game. Following China's Olympic I got a feeling that India is looking to This game to showoff.

to be continued...

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