Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Learning Experience India 2 - 1

Dear All

Business is about relationship. Over the years I have come to understand that I get consultancy work through recommendation. Words of mouth recommendation is a very powerful tools. In order to get recommendations two things must happen. The first one is doing a good job and the second is keeping your good work in the mind of your customers. To do this you need to keep in touch with them at all time. This even apply to customers who were not happy with your work, you will be surprised that over time these customers can even be won over. For one customer who did not appreciate my work as I recommended that he step down from his GM position to give way to his younger brother who is more capable for the position, over time he appreciate me for my follow-up with him. I tried to make sure that if I "push" you off the cliff, I have a airbag at the bottom of the cliff to cushion your fall :)

To keep the fire burning, I have two methods. One is remembering people's birthday and sent them sms to congratulate them and the other is to meet with them occasionally. You will be surprise as one grow older the little greeting from someone on his/her birthday can go a long way.

This is the introduction to the Learning Experience India 2.

Yes I am going back to India from the 25th July to 2nd August. Like the previous Learning Experience, I do have several leads to work on in this trip. (My trip has to pay for itself, at least cover the cost) but the main purpose is to renew some relationship that I have forsaken for some time.

Relationship is a function of TIME and EVENT. With time one can built and strengthen a relationship, in business there is seldom "love at first sight". While happenings or events in the course of a relationship can strengthen or weaken a relationship. Let me give an example, the recent tsunami brought four working colleague to help out at the disaster. There was limited water and facilities and the four acquaintance through volunteering at the disaster site, strengthen their relationship in the course of the two months. Upon their return the four person decided to resign from their company and start up a child care center....... It is just like company organizing team building event at resort to strengthen a relationship...... In your case to strengthen your relationship with your customer, create events like in a restaurant give out some sample food for food tasting or inviting your customers for a golf game :)

This trip covers two key projects- a golf course and a bank.......to be continued

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