Thursday, January 8, 2009

Learning Experience China 2 - 3

6th November 2008

End of my Shenzhen trip and waiting to board my plane for Singapore from HK international airport.

I guess most of you wants to know what was my client's decision.... to lock up the factory and run or stay and fight :-) I will give you the answer later..... but first I must share with you some of the more fascinating experience of China

I have brought many Indians to China and two of the best experience and one of the best impression are....

The best impression of every Indian who comes to China for the first time is the infrastructure. Many people not just the Indian are impressed with the road, the toll, the flyover of this country. Indian will wonder why and some even wished that the Indian can do the same in the years to come.....

The two best experience are

1. The massage and the spa.... Yes, even the most conservative Indian that I have brought to China enjoyed the experience... The Chinese has perfected the art of massage treatment through providing a wide range of professional service for young and old but also at a very afforable price.....Massage that is mixed with traditional chinese medical knowhow..... having your hair washed can be 100 minutes at only S$7 and the head massage is very refreshing. This is one thing you should have in your itnerary when you visit China.

2. The bargaining experience at shopping centre. Chinese loves to hagger over price and the Indian likewise love a good bargaining. If you are in Beijing there is the Silk Market and there is also in Shanghai and even in Shenzhen Luo Hu Shopping Center. Rows and rows of shops. It is a game and there is never any ill feeling even if you don't buy at the end. To top the experience the product can be your "Montblanc" pen, "Cartier" bags, "Gucci" wallet, "Rolex" watches etc.... Yes the imitation stuff :-) It is an experience you will enjoy.

Now back to the decision. We talk into the early morning.

As a consultant I cannot make the decision for him. It was his trust that brought me to meet with him and to share/consult something that is so critical in his business life. If he just run away, then he will not have to face the creditors - banks, suppliers and even government official. He is a foreigner who set business in China and closing the company, he just need to pack and not come back to China like what so many people have done before him. If he stay ........ he kept stressing on the employee who have benn with him from day 1 when he started the business........

This afternoon we went to see the banker and he has told us that there will be some government assistance to help small business tide over this financial crisis.... This is good news. With bank I like to believe that they do not want to see business go down as they will loss an account. So for your experience if you ever come to this position, talk to the bank on the length, the breadth and the depth of your obligation - meaning extent of the duration for payment (the terms), the payment amount (the quantum) and the interest payables. There is a fourth dimension.... what they can receive in lieu.

Finally the question is will he run..... I don't really know ?????

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